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Why Cholla? This page provides links to the NCI CACTUS based Chemical Structure Lookup Service (CSLS). The "Cholla" is a type of cactus native to Southern California. Just like the Cholla, ChemNavigator grows in Southern California.

About the Chemical Structure Lookup Service
Developed by the CADD Group lead by Dr. Marc Nicklaus in the Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry at NCI Frederick, the Chemical Structure Look up Service (CSLS) is a new web-based structure look-up service that includes over 80 different public and commercial data sources and stores information on over 39 million chemical structures. Scientists around the world use CSLS to find out information about chemical structures important to their research. To access the CSLS service, use one of the links below.

  • ChemNavigator CSLS Mirror (click here)
  • Original NCI CSLS Page (click here)

  • ChemNavigator is proud to support the CSLS system and has authorized the NCI to include the chemical structure records from the iResearch Library chemical products database within the CSLS system. If your institution has interest in using the iResearch Library data files directly within your own cheminformatics systems, please contact ChemNavigator for information on subscribing to the database.

    To learn more view the 2006 press release.

    Helpful links to Other Tools
    The following links were developed by the Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry headed by Dr. M. Nicklaus
  • GIF Creator

  • SMILES Translator

  • PROSIT: Pseudo-Rotational Online Service and Interactive Tool

  • Pseudorotation Visualization Tool

  • OSRA - Optical Structure Recognition

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